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Re: Legal Risks

Had a QP package get seized years back due to wrong address .. They gave me some story about all packages in the Scarbrough warehouse getting opened no matter what saying since its their lost package warehouse its necessary to catch the parishables.. Nothing came of it and I was never flagged.. I wo...

Re: Sabrinas World - - SCAM SITE

Man that sucks, guys please tell everyone to stay away from them seriously ! There is a Mom list at the bottom of the home page of this forum not sure how frequently it is updated but it gives the community standings of the Moms out there

Re: Post your last order!!! Which MOM did you last order from? V2.0

Yay Its that time again , ..3-4 times a year I like to treat myself and shop the Top Shelf .. yeah thats right double post , get that in ya... just sent my money for my flowers to 2 new MOMs for me .. I'll still have full pockets when Karma Cup rolls around Flawless BC Cherie Ameretti (GSC x Blackch...

Re: Ganjawest ?

Just grabbed from them grabbed some Romulan and some Purple Ghost Romlan was old and had a off smell and the Purple Ghost was real shaggy but the bud was coated in crystals.. burnt black and wouldnt stay lit.. definitly coulda been flushed better.. this was my second time grabbing the PG and was cur...

Re: Homemade budder for edibles

I use a Magic Butter Machine now but before I would put the shake in some cheese cloth and throw into the clarified unsalted butter, if you google dosage calculator itll give you a rough estimate the amount of plant you'll need to achieve the desired effects , just keep it simmering in the butter tr...

Re: Post your last order!!! Which MOM did you last order from? V2.0

Platinum Romulan and Sweet Zombie from Bulk Buddy Starburst,Jet Fuel and Afghani Banner for greens and some Golden Teachers from Unlicensed Middleman Berry Breath,Stripper Spit,Banana OG ,Gas Gardens - Death Bubba and Lemon Zinger full spectrum carts, Rocky Mountain Rosin - Blueberry Cookies and Tra...

Re: Is this mold

Yeah I smoked some earlier,nothing fancy and needed a bit extra to get the desired effect but I have high tolerance,first time grabbing from this mom so will probably just move on

Re: Is this mold

Last pic has some dark nugs, what’s it like busted open? Buds got bounce,seem decently cure,but I havent ground anything down yet, I busted a couple bigger nugs and no rot was present,decided to snap a few pics before my bedtime spliff, when I noticed that white discoloration most noticible in the ...

Is this mold

Looking for more opinions Smells off to me but am unfamilar with this strain ,havent smoked any and only really noticed possible mold with flash on Anyways I got a lb of this so would love to know last one Im almost certain Sorry phone quality pics No Flash

Lindsey OG by Liberty Farms

Hey CMOMs I know its out there but the places Im seeing use wickr and for some reason it wont install to my phone

Anyone know a website carrying it, Ive been wanting to try this strain since the harvest before this one

Any MoM with it send me a pm


Thanx for your help

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