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Re: Luxe Extract Premium Cartdridges?

Hey OP, I found a few reviews for you :) Click here:, then scroll down to the Reviews search results. You'll see a few reviews about Luxe. They aren't super popular, but they appear on many MOMs. They seem to have been around for around a year and to have mi...

Re: Bcmedichronic not responding

Sorry OP, your thread was stuck in a filter - all good now.

BCMediChronic is one of the OG MOMs, they've been around ages and you should be okay. Two weeks is definitely abnormal though... Definitely let us know! I think you'll be fine, but keep us posted

Re: Best MoM for bulk vapes?

WTFcannabis Oh ya? That’s good to know, always love talking to the guy on Discord but have never placed an order. What kinda deals does he have for bulk vapes? $925 for 50 x 1g CG extracts cartridges, mix of strains. I’ve enjoyed everything from CG (shatter , budder and carts now) Oh fuck wow. Than...

Re: Chemo!

Hey OP! Here are a few choices, let me know if you need more options, I can find more :) - Yeti: - Atlantic Green Rush: - TFCannabis: - BlowOut420:

Re: Sabrinas World - - SCAM SITE

Man that sucks, guys please tell everyone to stay away from them seriously ! There is a Mom list at the bottom of the home page of this forum not sure how frequently it is updated but it gives the community standings of the Moms out there

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