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Re: Potent Tincture?

I like this brand, it's very high quality! Couple other options from trusted moms: I've seen Dickpunch mentioned a few times ...

Potent Tincture?

I'm looking for a strong THC tincture. I tried some of the legal stuff and find it a bit too weak. I know I could make it myself but I'd rather just buy the finished product. Any recommendations would be very much appreciated.

Re: Mom recommendations

I've always used these MOMs and I never had a problem with them... it depends which strains or products I'm looking for and whose got the best pricing. - Ganja West - Shamrock Cannabis - Dream Dab - Kush Station I don't like Bulk Buddy because their website was taken once probs due to hosting probl...

Re: New domain's

..... wrote:
Sat Jan 25, 2020 12:55 pm
Does anyone know's new domain?
They're just down for maintenance/upgrades. The domain didn't change.

Re: - Canada's Best $99 OZs / Bulk Provider! 10% Off Code For 1st Timers! New drops as of Jan 6th!

Which has better flavour between your Purple Dream and Purple Candy? I'm really leaning toward the Purple Dream but I'll get Purple Candy if you say it's better.

Edit: You can ignore this because I was just talking to you on discord.

Re: Cheapweed Fullfilled Packages

Again I don't understand how people who never got a package sent gets there's but people who got a empty box are getting 25% why I their money valued more then ours I don't understand. In trying to be polite but it's getting difficult to comprehend He claims he's a victim in the cases where content...

Re: Favourite AAA strain?

I usually only buy AA but BWIB AAA GSC is my favourite anything from any MOM so far. Beat SkyHigh budget GSC by a lot and also beat Emerald Castle AAA GSC. It's out of stock though :(

Wish I could be more help but I'm a budget bum.

Re: Thinking of quitting weed

I love picking my bud, looking at my bud, rolling my bud, smelling my bud I love everything about bud crazy lol and I like my distillate too but would die without my bud if you find your lungs are getting sore and coughing a lot try spending a little more on your herb the diff...

Re: GDP July

Looks good! I’m Interested in trying you guys! But I have a high tolerance so I’m wondering which one would be your most potent? :) Hey Kiesha, a lot of people are enjoying our Great White Shark , strong indica. don't forget to use our coupon for 20% new members! Your site says 10%. Which one is ri...

Re: Sample reviews

Some MOMs will DM the most active members in the community to offer samples in exchange for a review. This usually happens when, as xsinx said, you start buying and reviewing things on your own.

Re: [{--EGMedicinal--}] THC/CBD Edibles and Incredible Live Sauce! **Great Prices**

Hey, Hope you had a fantastic weekend. We are loaded up on THC, CBD and 1:1 edibles by Twisted Extracts and Sauce by High Voltage . We have... - Mango, Orange, Chery and Apple THC - Black Cherry and Raspberry Zzz THC - 1:1 THC/CBD Mango, Orange, Grape and Watermelon - CBD Peach and Pineapple Shop N...

Re: CMOM review

Not really a big deal but there are some people who will give you a hard time and call you a shill. Figure some things are good to know if you'll be around for a while. If you really do like a certain MOM you can recommend them to someone already looking for advice or you can tell the community abou...

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