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Ganjawest Fresh Drops

Wholesale – Amnesia AA $1300/P, $725/HP, $450/QP Wholesale- Cali Bubba AAA $1900/P, $1050/HP, $600/QP


GANJAWEST 420 PROMO SERIES Promo ends on April 24, 2020 Ganjawest 420TEN Great news weed lovers! Ganjawest offers a “420” promotion series on products not marked down or on wholes...

Re: Wholesaler list

Hey everyone it's been a few weeks lol My known places : Sometimes king tuts Royalkure Canna wholesalers Bwib WCC SHE Instagram pufflevel Instagram okg Ganja West Gold dreams Thechronfather Any else anyone would recommend? thanks for the shoutout :) We just uploaded a bunch of new cheap strains sta...

Re: Bulk buddy ?

Yeah cause of the holiday and also heavy snow in some parts of Canada, packages have been experiencing delays. We usually will file a trace for the package but after 7 business day from the trace if nothing is updated, a refund/replacement package will get issued. Check us out, we just loaded up our...

Ganjawest BULK SALE

New sale just started, $50 off wholesale section on ATF, Platinum blackberry, and Daybreak. Come grab em quick DayBreak $1000 Platinum Blackberry $1650

Re: Need a replacement to ganjawest!!!

Hey jwjrchad, we are still up and running. Yes, our site was going through some maintenance over the long weekend, but we have emailed you back last friday with your tracking, also explaining the tracking will update once Canada post scans it.

Please don't panic , your package is on its way.

Re: GanjaWest exit scam?

Hey guys sorry for the late response. Our automated emailing system went down last week while we were doing maintenance so some people didn't get their tracking number. Rest assure all orders were sent out on time, if you would like to privately message me here, I can tell you your tracking number. ...

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