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Re: What's your grinder?

And I suppose trying to clean it with iso would be bad for the wood. Also those teeth are just nails?
Here's my SCS 2-piece. The posts have sharp edges so the bud gets "scraped" apart, making a fluffier grind.


Re: Best place to get seeds from?

Not vouching for any of these but I think these are all the seed banks in Canada that sell multiple breeder's gear.

Re: menu button

There is a mark forum read link at the bottom of each forum and on the main page. But I see what you are saying, it would be convenient to have it right in the menu. But I'm guessing this forum is a pre-built Wordpress theme so that kind of customization might not be possible.

Re: Can

I’m not going to lie....I’ve found much better weed on Instagram than from most moms... I've decided IG is full of hype and fomo. Every grower building excitement for their "super limited" drop of PinkWeddingGlueHazeOG frankenstrains. I would go broke trying to keep up. I think I will just stick wi...


You can register on the login page :mrgreen: Nice. All this WWCS talk in a CWF thread but one more, do they have an IG or somewhere to see pics? You're on the wrong page, /menu/ is what you want. Free shipping over 200. How did you find that page when the link for the menu goes to menu-2? Maybe it'...


I read they charge $70 shipping or something? That true? And 2g min. Order? If that’s true.. you’re brave for trying a place out with a minimum order like that! Have you actually received the apple pie yet? Is it fresh? It's $70 for next day shipping. Min $2k order for dispensaries and wholesale cu...

Re: Grinder issues - looking for suggestions. What's your current/favorite/dream grinder?

Do you have a head shop near you? Go see what grinders they have in stock. You'll get a better sense of build quality if you can pick it up and inspect it. I ended up with a SCS medium two-piece because it was much cheaper than the 3 or 4 piece. Don't know that I care too much about kief collection,...

Re: Photo I’d requirement

Fine for selling illicit cannabis - $5000 Fine for selling to a youth - $15000 "It is not a defence to a charge under subsection (1) that the accused believed that the young person referred to in that subsection was at least 18 years of age, unless the accused took reasonable steps to ascertain the ...

Re: When issues get resolved

CE is Cannabis Extractions they are an IG only MOM (and recently lost their IG I think, lol, so pastebin MOM). They only have craft flower at ridiculous prices, but it's top quality. Their IG is back - pastebin menu - Imgur ...

Re: Is there more risk now?

With the current shortages in rec, the govt would be risking bad press to crackdown on moms now. Moms also provide patients access to some cannabis products that are still only scheduled to be legalized. So there is a risk of backlash if they enforce their monopoly too ruthlessly. We'll see where we...

Re: ID Question

The ID is just for an age check. As long as you have a Canadian bank account in the same name, and a Canadian shipping address in the same name, you should be good.

Re: *****HillSidePharms*****BC DAY SALE

We forgot to add that the minimum order is $150, the post has been edited sorry for any issues. I can't afford to spend more than $100 total. C'mon HSP, poor people could really use a discount too. For example, I would love to get a half oz of Rockstar but it is $125. With 30% off that comes to $87...

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