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Re: Just a Reddit Rant

Wow what a roller coaster this was... Thanks for the entertainment everyone! Why would you reply to a 6 month old thread? My apologies it is a forum I understand how some are I was just appreciating the entertaining interactions.... On most Internet forums, it is frowned upon to ‘bump’, ‘resurrect’...

Re: Are there no rules?

RaNdMViLnCE wrote:
Mon Sep 30, 2019 5:45 pm
Cofoxl wrote:
Mon Sep 30, 2019 5:21 pm
So do the mods allow people to just threaten other moms about contacting the cra and personally threaten the users aswell or.... Yea I'm talking about darkdeath
its already been dealt with. commented on and locked. dude is probably trolling, but hes banned anyhow.
Thank you ❤️

Re: Kushstation

Kushstation is the only one that need reviewing I had caught them once so many shill accounts I can even prove it but I do agree there not. Fake mom but they are probably fake people behind the screen. Keep shilling and I will call the police and report kush station. everytime I go on discord its t...

Re: 2 OZ GIVEAWAY !!!! 11th Official CMOM Contest - Sponsored by

The only solution For incurable pain Which western medicine Doesn't have The answer for. As I add This magical herb To my food. In the hope Of being able To move Without chronic pain. While Big Pharma protest Against the legality Of the mighty bud. As they're cut out Of this payday To their bottom l...

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