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Re: BC Chronic Bud - 30% off Entire site + More promotion

Hi, No strains available for any THC Vape pen carts? Hi Snorkel4u, The THC Vape pens from Kaya Labs are made from a high dominate D-9 THC (90%+) distillate with terpenes profile. The terpenes in these pens can produce entourage effect similar to strains such as indica, having stoning effect and sat...

BC Chronic Bud - 30% off Entire site + Free Knockout joint & 250mg 12 pcs Edibles for all orders over $75 [/url] We are excited to announce that we are back and under new management. We are focused on providing the best services and products available to our the community We are offering 30% off on all...


Hi everyone we are having a blowout sale on our Purple Kush house strain only $800 per pound!!! Please allow a few days for processing on big orders and no coupons. Take care and stay safe !!


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