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Re: Discrete packaging

im ordering from five different sites and all of them offers discreet packaging
I recommended most is Ganjawest they have great wholesale and mix & match buds with cheaper cost

Re: Best MOM on a Budget!

xJWendy wrote:
Tue Apr 28, 2020 9:40 pm
I had pretty good experiences with some recommendations people been giving me like westcoastreleaf, ganjawest, and pacificcannabis.
I also like those Moms. those sites have competitive pricing and reliable delivery

Re: Edibles

So far, have tried, Gwest, West Coast, and Twisted Extracts! Haha I think our tastes are subjective.. so it would still depend on you. It won't hurt to try them all! I think in Gwet site they also have twisted extracts. oh yes yess :D haha i stand corrected. sorry about that thumbs up ! ;)

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