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Re: Best MOM on a Budget!

right now I'd say check out Mailbox Marijuana - they have 12 - yes TWELVE strains priced at $100 And they seem to be the same strains they normally sell, just popcorn/peas - doesn't appear that they bring in shwaggy junk to sell cheap Also - their nuken (organic) is the highest rated bud I've revie...

Re: Infused coffee

Made myself canna-dalgona coffee this morning <3 xo cool! recipe? I followed this recipe for making dalgona coffee but I used canna milk. It's so fun!! I hope you enjoy! xo Would love to try this. Thanks for sharing!

Re: Homemade budder for edibles

I use a Magic Butter Machine now but before I would put the shake in some cheese cloth and throw into the clarified unsalted butter, if you google dosage calculator itll give you a rough estimate the amount of plant you'll need to achieve the desired effects , just keep it simmering in the butter t...

Re: Kalifa Kush from KS

so I got about 3.5 grams of this about a week ago. My biggest complaint is exactly what you said. The bud sizes were very small biggest weighing 0.5 all others 0.2-0.3 not very happy about that. I personally think you are much better at going to another AAAA strain with 20% off. KK smokes really cl...

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