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Re: Best MoM for bulk vapes?

sorry OP I know this isn't much help, but I shop around a LOT for 510 carts and I have never found a MOM that does discounts past 3. the only deals i have found are mix and match either 2 carts for 80, or 3 carts for 100-120

Halloween sales?

Hey all, do moms normally do Halloween sales? Were there any last year? Placing a bigger order soon and might wait if there are deals. Edit : I'll update the thread as I find them/they're posted LIST OF HALLOWEEN COUPONS SO FAR - BoxedBuds 10% off, code: trickortreat - GreenHornet 10% off, code: GHW...

Re: Random chatting

Hey SonGrohan welcome to the forum!! Lots of helpful information here and a great community. 28 years old here, favourite method of smoking would be dabs or old fashioned bong rips. Love the constantly changing and evolving dab tech as well and trying all the types of concentrates.. what's your pref...

Re: c

shit OP deleted it

wish we could see what he said first :joy: :joy: :joy: :joy:

Re: Good MOM for CBD flower

Really sorry to hear about the injury, hoping you heal as soon as possible! Have you heard of Charlotte's Web? It's a high CBD, low THC flower & there are a few MOMs that carry it. Check out these links, hope that helps you out - - https://shamro...

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