Juicy Berries * Pink Llama * March

Brand - Juicy Berries by Chef Treats

Flavor - these little berry bad boys come in a two flavor variety. A reminiscent blast from the past, these juicy jellies always ended up in the bag when hand selecting your own candies out of the bins. Deliciously flavored the redder one tasting of a berry, grape blend and the darker purple with the black currant flavor. Both equally tasty and full of nostalgia, leaving you with no aftertaste to regret. I found throwing these back you were initially hit with a hint of weed taste which quickly was overtaken by the  berry bursts

Potency - four of each color in the pack totalling 200mg's, which the wife and I split the dose down the middle. Already trying several of Chefs products, I already knew what I was getting involved in. Hitting like a proper one hundy should, these are no doubt just that. A solid delivery of euphoria, leaving you happy and in an overall uplifted mood. Slowly you feel your eyes get heavier as the relaxation washes over your entire body, and eventually leaving your body in a sedative sleep to be collected in the morning

Quality - these have been put together very well, still soft, very flavorful, and ofcourse dosed accurately. Shaped identical to also appear in their OG form. It's a good thing these only come in the pack of eight because it would take some serious restraint to not throw back its entire contents