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Super Silver Haze from Pacific Grass june 2020

Strain name : super silver haze

Mom name : pacific grass

Rating : 8.5/10
Very nice haze taste. Burns okay, is one of my favourite strains on the website altough its one of their cheapest strain. Taste like a surfing day in hawaii. Lots of red hairs, well trimmed, well cured too.

Price and shizz : ordered a bit of this a bit of that, had nearly 75$ in points so i got approx. An ounce for 156$ . You get free shipping on order over 150$.

Packaging :
Subtle packaging without overpackaging. I dont know if its because its my 4th order but their stopped sending me the pacific grass box which i dont really need anymore thank you guys! Package came out fast as it was labeled a few minutes after i sent payment.

Communication :
These guys are awesome. Their customer service is unbeattable. I only had a minor issue once in the past and it was just as if nothing happened.

Points system :
Get the 25$ for leaving a review or referring a friend. And get some points too just for ordering stuff.

Incitative for leaving review : points
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