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Orange Creamsicle * Tegridy Farms * September

Strain - Orange Creamsicle (Orange Crush x Juicy Fruit)

Mom - Tegridy Farms

Smell - sweet orange hits your nose instantly with a hint of vanilla mixed in. Excellent smelling stuff that has that skunky citrus scent. Once busted up it almost smells similar to an orange tic-tac

Smoke - smooth and great tasting smoke, the inhale consists of a nice citrus orange taste and a really smooth almost creamy earth taste on the exhale

High - enjoyable and flavorful strain for morning or day time puffing. The OC is great for getting you where you want to be and staying focused on the tasks at hand without losing focus. Both uplifting and motivating

Quality: 9.25/10 a beautiful mash up of 50/50 light and dark green nuggets just showered by dark orange pistils all over the buds. Decent triches,  fluffy, sticky nugs with the terpenes being the biggest stand out