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check out cammp (from the side bar on this site) - they have good quality bud & friendly prices and if you've never shopped there before, use the CMOM30 coupon to lower the price

really depends what you're looking for to smoke but they've got a $65 outdoor kush - i purchased it and its fluffy but pretty nice

theres also a few strains they have around $120 but w/ the discount would be closer to a hundred bones
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Re: Looking for 100 oz

High there! We sell "popcorn nug" ounces for $100. These popcorn (discount) ounces are the same quality as our regularly priced strains, they’re just the smaller pieces from the harvest! We call them “popcorn nugs” or “peas”, which simply refers to the rough size of the buds.

We also just launched a $109/oz strain called JFK (Just Fucking Kush). Pure indica. It's a summer crop from a new grower. The buds are medium sized, and it smokes really great with a classic indica stone, its just that the nose is a little lighter and it's not super crystally.

You can check us out at :)

We ship from BC!
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Re: Looking for 100 oz

I find it odd when people mention that it’s harder to find cheaper weed at this time of year.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I thought it was more like in the year 1995... at this time of the year it would be harder to find weed because a lot of it was still outdoors and not a lot of people dealt with it except in BC.

Considering the massive Cannabis market in Canada and also the plethora of indoor grows as well as outdoor grows. I think that it’s just business marketing to sell cheaper ounces only at a certain time of the year.

Although I do understand the logic behind business marketing products towards a large population. It’s not as simple as sell everyone AAAA craft for $100 an ounce. Not everyone in the general population, would buy into that. Though I guarantee you that there could be NO weed that is A grade or AA grade even being grown! It should be only AAA and AAAA weed being grown. They also could be selling you AAA or AAAA for only $100 an ounce or less in every store and online.

It’s kind of like when a politician says something dumb to hundreds of millions of people.. the true psychology being they have to say things like that, so that they still represent for the people in the population who don’t think much at all and need to hear dumb things from their politician. The way the world turns... hopefully one day every person can handle an ounce of AAAA craft for only $100 or less!!

Re: Looking for 100 oz

In addition to our Popcorn Nug ounces ($100/oz), and our JFK ($109/oz), we just launched Clearance Packs, and those are going for $85/oz ... king-kush/

We also have some awesome strains on sale for as low at $130/oz
FREE Shipping 99+
BC Craft Cannabis Delivered to Your Door